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Building resilient communities of health through integrated health and nutrition services rooted in a politic of racial liberation and economic justice.

Nourishing Change: Our Impact Journey


The state of hunger in America is a symptom of two ills: a system of poverty care impacting Black and brown communities the most and a disease care model that perpetuates the management of disease versus well-being. Both models affect the care, health, and thrival of low income communities of Color the most who report the highest rates of preventable chronic illness. Healthful nutrition that includes access to a healthy diet and care services in childhood through adulthood can intercept these rates; however, poverty, financial insecurity, and a host of intersecting factors impact nutritional and health equity.


The Ujamaa Cafe community refrigerators are a move for health. A move for nutritional equity. And a move for the dignified treatment of families and individuals residing in food and exercise apartheid communities requiring financial, political, and social reinvestment, advocacy, and justice due to being intentionally forgotten and marginalized.


The Hunger Project

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CFHE's THE Hunger Project (THP) is a weekly meal delivery program for individuals experiencing food insecurity. THP outsources the production of all meals to local community eateries and restaurants that create dinner meal boxes for our residents. Our meals are described as a "hug in a box" composed of wholesome, hearty, and nutritious ingredients. Our meal program delivers fresh, warm meals to our senior population, homeless residents, and persons with disabilities.

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We address health and hunger issues in low-income and predominantly minority communities that are most commonly affected by a lack of healthy food options, unaffordability of healthy foods, and comprehensive wellness services.   

Ujamaa Cafe

Ujamaa Cafe are cashless, grab-and-go, de-surveilled food access points that provide an innovative model for offering healthy food options to diverse patrons, sharing nutritional information, and supporting the local small business economy through strategic partnerships with food businesses and entrepreneurs. 

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In the  News

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Fighting 'food apartheid,' NJ group stocks community refrigerators from Passaic to Philly

The Coalition for Food and Health Equity runs Ujamaa Cafe refrigerators in Passaic, Paterson, and three other towns, with plans for more .

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