Our Mission

Ujamaa Café & Mobile, is a practice of community care and economics through supporting neighborhood revitalization at the intersection of health and food equity. Ujamaa, meaning “brotherhood” or “extended family” in Swahili and celebrated annually during Kwanzaa as the fourth principle committing practitioners to “cooperative economics" is the demonstration of community care.

Our Vision

The vending machine's sliding-scale model caters to the diverse needs of its patrons and the surrounding community while addressing the deficiency of sparse healthy food options within the area.


Ujamaa is a cashless, grab-and-go sliding scale vending option with health forward premade breakfast, lunch, snack, and beverage options. Food options are stored in our refrigerators for patrons to view, select, and purchase. Our machines offer an innovative model for accepting and processing two types of customers: paying and non/reduced-paying. Proceeds support Coalition Equity including Ujamaa Café’s general operating expenses.

About Ujamaa

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 Ujamaa Cafe & Mobile



How it Works

With the swipe or tap of a card, the kiosk unlocks – and the customer is able to touch a product before buying. Once the door is closed, the kiosk automatically knows what was taken. Customers enter their email to receive a receipt, where they are able to provide feedback and rate their purchase. All that’s required is a single electrical outlet! Ujamaa Cafe placement team will ensure getting started is a breeze.



How it Works

Customers can filter by meal type or nutritional needs. The tablet menu automatically displays products that 
are currently in inventory and allows customers to filter by meal type or a full range of allergens. The menu displays 
pricing in real-time, allowing the setup of discounts and promotions from the comfort of a laptop. Customers 
can also view real-time inventories from their phone or computer


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How It Works

All meals, desserts, and To-Go items are sourced from approved The Hunger Project (THP) restaurant partners. A mix of newly established and seasoned THP restaurant partners provide daily breakfast and lunch items offering a dynamic and delicious rotating menu. THP has rigorous meal guidelines and nutrition standards making THP’s meals a gold standard in terms of health and nutrition. 

Find an Ujamaa Cafe or Mobile Near You

Find an Ujamaa Cafe or Mobile Location Near you.


Become an Ujamaa Affiliate.

Do you have a health-conscious snack, beverage, breakfast, or lunch product that can be stocked in our mobile refrigerators or Cafe?

Start your application for consideration to join our Ujamaa Affiliate pool.

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in CFHE's Ujamaa Cafe and Mobile refrigerator program. Ujamaa Café and Mobile, seeks to support neighborhood revitalization at the intersection of health and food equity



The Ujamaa online application includes: 

  • Business information and documentation section

  • A narrative section on Mission Alignment

  • Product information section


Application Process

1. Online Application

2. Interview. Finalists will be contacted for an interview performed by CFHE's Affiliate & Partnerships Committee 

3. Final decisions will be shared via email with selected restaurants invited to join the Ujamaa Restaurant Affiliate program.

Eligibility Requirements

Food vendors with a food item (beverage, snack, or pre-packaged breakfast or lunch meal) are welcome to apply to be an Ujamaa Affiliate by completing our application. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until June 1st. 


To be considered a viable applicant for the CFHE Ujamaa Affiliate Program you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be based in one of CFHE's Hudson and Essex County Ujamaa location target areas. 

  • Preference is given to minority and women-owned businesses as certified by the State of New Jersey.

  • Alignment with the CFHE mission and a commitment to health and food equity, social justice, and community development.  

  • Be a registered business in the State of New Jersey. 

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