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UpRoot, UpRise, ReBuild - CFHE's New Blog

Welcome to UpRoot, UpRise, ReBuild. Coalition for Food and Health Equity's blog that shares commentary from leading voices in the food and health equity movements to offer approaches to disrupt, reimagine, and rebuild our food and health systems.

UpRoot, UpRise, ReBuild educates the public on relevant (federal, state, local) food law, health policy, and organizational policy impacting everyday health care, wellness, and food access.

For those interested in submitting, below are our general writing guidelines and submission information.

General writing guidelines:

  • All submissions should be written in MS Word.

  • All submissions should be typewritten, double-spaced, with margins of at least one inch on all sides.

  • Submission types include:

    • Commentary/op-eds of 100 to 250 words

    • Think pieces, synthesis pieces, and reviews of 500 - 1000

    • Video submissions are also welcomed (60 - 75 seconds)

  • Submissions should be written for the general public.

Questions and submissions should be sent to

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