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Mr. Attanasie's Story

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Our Health Matters - Stories of Coalition Equity's Impact


Coalition Equity asked if I would be willing to share my experience and I immediately said, "Yes!" They need to get more publicity. More people need to know about this program!

Craig and the late Margaret Attanasie pictured together where they met and later fell in love.

My wife Margaret and I have both been a part of the Hunger Project Program since 2020. Margaret is no longer with us. I can still remember when the Hunger Project came to our building to tell us all about it.

There are 250 apartments with many handicapped seniors living here. Margaret and I were receiving assistance from another meal program, like many others in our building, but they weren't dependable and the food was unhealthy and sometimes unrecognizable.

We would get food like hot dogs and pork and beans. At times, twice in one week. Sometimes you got ground up meat with brown gravy on top and you couldn't even tell what kind of meat it was, but you could tell it wasn't fresh. That would come with a slice of bread and that was it. Many times we couldn't even eat their food because we didn't know what it was made of or what was in it. Pot luck!

We couldn't depend on getting the food either. If there was a holiday on a Thursday and they would close on Friday, we never received meals. No extra portions were given in times like that. We would go days without food. At times we had to share and split 1 meal between the two of us and try to make it last. It was food or pay bills.

The Hunger Project program was and still is a God send. The food is healthier, fresh and nutritious. It's delicious too! We got fish, chicken, meat, and fresh salad! Every meal came with fresh lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. A lot of senior citizens don't get fresh vegetables, and these meals always came with that! It's plenty of food too, so you don't have to worry.

"One of the best things your program did was ask what types of foods we can eat. Did we have any health conditions or food allergies? You asked us if we had heath concerns like high sodium levels. This never happened with other programs. No one ever asked."

The Hunger Project has always delivered meals. No matter what the weather was, we got the delivery. There were days it was pouring outside, and it never failed. There was a knock on the door with a soaking wet individual with our food. Kyro was a really nice gentleman. He was always smiling at me and always asked how I was doing. When there were holidays, you gave extra meals so we wouldn't miss any that week. I have never had a bad dealing with anyone at the Hunger Project!

I am in a wheelchair now and can't go shopping. My daughter lives in Edison, NJ and helps all she can. You really make a difference. I have had to stop my meals to go into rehab after surgery several times and you kept in touch.

"I have never met Lisa in person, I can tell she is concerned and actually cares about me. She talks to me, it feels like we know each other. She is genuinely concerned about me and that is a big big plus."

She called me at the rehab center and wanted to know how I was doing! It feels so good and means a lot to me, you have no idea.

It really is a wonderful program.

Craig Attanasie, 79, THP Client Since 2020

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